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Beautiful Heaven Letter today,#2172 When you were born!

Heaven letter today!

Extraordinary beautiful Heaven letter today!

Meant a lot to me, ..... see below....


Heaven <heaven_mailer> wrote:

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HEAVEN #2172 When you were born… October 17, 2006

God said:

You did not arise from doubt. You arose from love. There was no question about you, your birth, your presence on Earth. You have as much right to be here on Earth as anyone. You have as much right as Christ.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the field of Astrology, is the extreme,
rightness of our births!

Don’t you know that I sent you in his place? I sowed seeds of Christ, and I look for them to sprout. I see the seedlings, and, behold, I see them sprouting. I, your Father, Christ your brother, rampant on Earth, overtaking Earth, immeasurable on Earth, are reunited in you. It is for you to take over where Christ left off. Now you are the one to remove the world’s disguises and blinders. You are the one lighting Earth. To you it has been given.

This is a very profound statement. That we came to this Earth on purpose! Maybe God
sent us, maybe we chose to come ourselves, too…but there is an essential reason or purpose
to our comings.

There’s a wonderful book called Journey of Souls that talks about exactly how people
chose their lives. It’s an amazing book and fits this picture here of God of purpsefulness
regarding our births..

God’s point too here:

Now you are the one to remove the world’s disguises and blinders

I especially like because we were born to work on certain challenges or problems. What
I love about Astrology is one’s Astrology chart explains all the exact, precise things we each
were born to face!

That predictable ness gives encouragement to stop and face those things.

I think it’s the unknown that freaks us out the most. Not knowing intellectually why we
are here.

So, when I discovered all the clear predictable reasons for me, in my chart, and then in
the lives of other people’s… that gave me extreme confidence in this expression of God’s:

To work on removing….!

This is no burden, beloveds. You do not carry the weight of the world. You carry its light.

This was me, when I was growing up! My Mother used to say: “you carry the weight
of the World on your shoulders!” I didn’t know why. Later, when I discovered my Astrology
chart I saw exactly why I did.

But, Astrology said too, that was a mistake for me! Though in some people’s charts they
need to carry more of that weight, hehe.

Anyway, Astrology helped me intellectually to realize this. God is telling us, also. And in faith we try and we’ll see if by doing this, if we don’t feel better!

Oh yes that expression: “You carry its Light!”

I only recently discovered is a lot more fun, a lot more enjoyable to pay attention to the Light!

All genes are Mine. Think of them as Christ’s if you like. It doesn’t matter what you think of them. They are Mine, given to you as they were given to Christ, passed on to you with My will that you know Whose Mighty Presence you are, and that you gently reveal the glowing light of My Presence.

Ahhh, what a divine expression…..”gently reveal the glowing light of My Presence!”

Ahhhh, such sweeter words were never spoken. Imagine if you could really find God’s
sweet, divine presence!

Ahhhhh, now that would be …..well, perfect!

Do not mind that you were not born in Bethlehem. Do not mind that the magi did not come. The stars were propitious. You were born wherever you were born. No matter who birthed you, I gave you life, and I gave it to you to light up the humble Earth. You are a star given to Earth. You are a God star on Earth.

Now, this is a great Astrological ‘aha’. In fact the magis did come! The exact support
of nature that we were supposed to be born under were ours!

In Astrology, the exact precise details of our birth’s are there in the 1st House of our charts… It’s amazing when you see this perfect 1 to 1 relationship between all the details of our lives,
and the divine script that is our Astrology, written in the sky by God!
and us!....

Light up one face today. Light up your own.

You were sent to Earth to enlighten it, and therefore to be enlightened. Your career is not your purpose, beloveds, unless you consider it your career to brighten the world. No matter what your work in life, be it humble or bold, it is a flash in the pan next to what you do for Me. Be a swimmer in the sea, and you swim for Me. Be a knight, and you perform knighthood for Me. Be an engineer, and you engineer for Me. Scrub floors, and you shine them for Me.

Now, career and life purpose are two interesting parts of Astrology. Career is one’s 10th House, and yes, it could be to enlighten and brighten up this world! But it could be too, to be
an artist or a musician, even a business person.

The life that we were meant to live, is there is our Stars,…only no one told us, educated us
about this…or how to do it.

Scrub floors but in divine consciousness…and that will be a perfect marriage of relative,
and mundane existence,…and perfect,…God-realization!

Ahhhhh,…such a wonderful sweet promise!

As you adore Christ, adore yourself.

Christ is not relegated to the past. He serves in the present. He thrives in you. And so you must come out of the past, for your clinging to it has held you down. The past shot arrows at you, causing dismay. Pluck out those arrows. They don’t belong to you. They are like leaves that fell. What do you do with leaves? You rake them up, and you bag them or you burn them. Free yourself from falling leaves of the past. Shake them off. You must walk past them.

You are a free Being on Earth. You are not shackled. You are not encumbered. You are My light. Come out from the corner where you have set yourself. Divine child of God, you who wear My badge in your heart, stand up and shine brightly. Begin. You may have to be the first, for others may hesitate. They are waiting for a signal from you. Arise, and let that be your signal.

When you look within and find that special Divine, God-connection then we will be better
prepared to live the life that we were truly meant to live!

Ahhhhh, such a great call to arms!

Now, this is a call, a battle a war worth fighting…..!

One of all good and God’s light….!


You do not have to speak. You do not have to be a priest and give sermons. You do not need to wear robes. You do not need to have a special title. Human Being is enough of a title for you. Honor it, beloveds. Honor it.

Thank you lord, for your perfect, divine perspective!

Jai God

Mark Kincaid

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