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Translations and Languages

This morning I received this email from Paula:

Dear Gloria,
I found this Heavenletter #1613, Forgive the World, more difficult to translate, not because of strange words, but because it was difficult to express some of the ideas in Italian. Anyway, here it is.

I went right away to read this Heavenletter from April 2005. Such a beautiful Heavenletter. And, yes, what is there to do but to forgive the world?

In Italian, the title is Perdonate il Mondo. I love the sound and the rhythm of it.

Would that I had the time, and I would learn all the languages through the translations of Heavenletters. What a lovely way to learn languages!

Do you think that languages reveal the people? Like English seems more business, not so rhythmical and heart as Italian and other romance languages. I studied French and German in high school. Initially, I was surprised that learning another language wasn’t just a question of learning different words. The languages had their own structure and way of putting thoughts together.

As for languages, I love them all!

Translations and Languages

Dear Gloria and Paula,

i loved reading this morning that HeavenLetter about Perdonate il mondo! Felt so beautiful and sounded so right !

I so love the way you talk about other languages because i've always had this feeling and this love for languages too!

many blessings to you all