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TRanslations and Languages

This morning I received this from Paula:

Dear Gloria,
I found this Heavenletter #1613, Forgive the World, more difficult to translate, not because of strange words, but because it was difficult to express some of the ideas in Italian. Anyway, here it is.

I went right away to read this Heavenletter from April 2005. Such a beautiful Heavenletter. And, yes, what is there to do but to forgive the world?

In Italian, the title is Perdonate il Mondo. I love the sound and the rhythm of it.

Would that I had the time, and I would learn all the languages through the translations of Heavenletters. What a lovely way to learn languages!

Do you think that languages reveal the people? Like English seems more business, not so rhythmical and heart as Italian and other romance languages.

As for languages, I love them all!