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HEAVEN #2164 Your Life October 9, 2006

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HEAVEN #2164 Your Life October 9, 2006

God said:

Of what shall I speak to you today? Of what expanse? Of what horizon? Of what sun in the sky? Or moon, or stars? What shape of love shall I speak to you of today? What picture shall I paint for you? And what will you paint for Me, beloveds? What crayons will you draw with today, and what will you draw?

What will happiness look like today? How will it be sculptured? What music will accompany it? What silence?

Where are you going today? And what will you be doing?

No matter what, I will be with you. Remember My Presence, for that will change your life. It will change your interpretation of your life. Your new vision will erase some of the borders you have erected. You will become friends with life. You will cohabit with it. You will value it more. I have given you life for you to value. Honor the gift of life I have bestowed on you. It was never meant to be a burden. You were not made for carrying burdens. You were made to carry joy.

Do not think that it is impossible for you to be happy. It is very possible. Happiness has been assigned to you.

If you are a cook, and you are not happy, the food you prepare is not as good as the food you serve when you are happy. It is incumbent upon you to be happy so that the food you prepare is good enough to eat.

And so it is with your life. You make it up as you go, and your state of mind has great influence. It is your mind that decides whether your life is happy or not. If your mind has decided your life is unhappy, your mind has another thought or two coming.

So today I am speaking to you of your right and privilege to be happy. Name yourself Happy. Happy you.

I did not make you for unhappiness. I made you for joy. From My joy, I made you. I did not make a mistake. If you are not happy, you are mistaken. Never mind all the reasons you feel justified in being unhappy. Not that you are to be happy by dint of will. Be happy by decision. Decide. Feel those burdens slip from your shoulders.

You can buy a house in disarray, and you can make it beautiful. If you can flip a house, why not your life? If you have flipped a coin and gotten tails, can you not flip again and get heads?

What is this that keeps you back from happiness? You say you want happiness. Choose happiness now as you choose a paint color for your walls. Put it up and leave it. This is not arguable. Be happy. Be happy now.

You are taking a walk along a lane. There are beautiful flowers. There is sun shining. True, there are potholes and weeds and sometimes interference with your walk. But keep walking. The sun will follow you. The flowers will continue to bloom. And you will continue to walk. Why not whistle a happy tune?

Because you hit stumbling blocks, storms, ogres, must they take over your life? Must you subdue your happiness for them? Must you bow down to them, as if they have the say of your life? You have the say of your life. You are the author of your own thoughts. No one else is.

You have the say over your life Where your life is spent is not the extent of your life. Whether the day is sunny or rainy is not the extent of your life. Your life is greater than what happens in it.

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