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The Yellow Sun of October 6th, 2006

Wonderful letter I received from God today....

(via Heaven letters of Gloria Wendroff,
Called the Yellow Sun....)

My letter to Gloria:


what a beautiful depiction of the Sun...and the Moon....

God does ever exist within us like the ever shining Sun...

and the feelings, the Moon, do have they're ups and downs...

Reminds me the very first time I realized ...that the Sun would shine
somedays and then be overcast others...
and I realized I was affected by that...

And, then later I realized I can be happy matter what
the doing

and that's like finding our Sun inside....

Now, if the mind, feelings or heart can be more firmly established
in the Sun.....

then the Moon, mind will be ever happy......

I love it when God talks about the Stars....




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Heaven <heaven_mailer> wrote:

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HEAVEN #2161 The Yellow Sun October 6, 2006

God said:

You wonder how you can be Divine and Human at the same time. Your Divinity and Human Experience do not always match. Your Human life has not always kept up with Truth. It runs a race, gets out of breath, and does not always keep up. This is the paradox of life. Life is ever beautiful, and life is not always beautiful.

This is not a paradox you have to do something about. It’s true that you can change the world, but not yet instantly, not yet so far. Meanwhile, you take life as it comes. When life appears to discount you or embroil you in drudgery or vacant despair, simply don’t stay there. Who said you had to be stuck in a bad mood?

When a dark mood comes your way, give it what it deserves which is no notice at all. Fie on the bad mood. It is a false note that alit on you, and you do not have to do it honor. You don’t have to make a case of it. The most a bad mood can be is a bad mood. It is a murky color you don’t want to paint your life with. Don’t give it the time of day. Walk past it. Don’t look at it, and don’t let it catch up with you. It will give up. Bad moods know they are ephemeral and that they go out of existence soon enough. They know they can never keep up with the Truth of you.

Don’t give downturned moods much credit or credence. They don’t have to turn you into a philosopher, one who asks, “Why, why, why?” You don’t have to be one who asks: “How can I have God so well, and then hit the bottom of despair? Why am I not always given my due honor? Why do I sometimes feel so bad for reason or for no reason at all?”

You don’t have to be one who complains nor one who must have answers. You might as well ask: “Why did it rain today? Why did it rain today when I didn’t want it to?” What answer do you think you’re going to get?

What’s the big deal, beloveds? And what is the point of delving in? In the human frame you exist in, you can sometimes experience doldrums. No longer think in terms of bliss or despair, as you would salt and pepper that you can only shake one at a time. Despondency is simply a poor-fitting cloak you put on. Soon you will be able to exchange it for the one you want. Actually, the cloak is reversible. Reverse it. Take it off, and put the sunny side up.

Despondency is not a life sentence. You can give yourself an early parole. Are you not feeling better already? What made the difference? Just what you started to think about, beloved.

When you feel in a dark mood, think about the sun. Go out in it, if you can. In any case, think about it. Think about the lovely yellow sun.

Soon you will be smiling. Even if through tears, you will be smiling. The sun will not let you dwell on dreariness for long. The sun smiles on you, and you will smile back at it. I smile on you. Give Me a smile back. That was easy enough, wasn’t it? Come on now, smile.

Do not get mired in a mood you don’t want. It is quicksand, you know. Come up here with Me on firm ground where the sun shines.