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Ending the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Spiritual Solution for Ending the Israeli-Arab Conflict

A few sesame seeds and rice grains can end the Israeli-Arab Conflict

ABSTRACT: The Jews and the Muslims who are now fighting in Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon have done this before. In many of their lifetimes they fought in the region and died. They have reincarnated again to do the same. To make matters worse, the souls of their ancestors who are unable to reincarnate are subliminally influencing their progeny to carry on the fight. Yogis have a solution for this: By feeding the departed souls of the ancestors, we can create peace in the Middle East.

The conflict between the Jews and the Arabs is not simply a religious problem. Nor is it an ethnic, racial, or a political problem. Everyone who knows the history of Israel knows that the land there has been a brutal battle ground for centuries. It is as if the soil there likes to be irrigated with blood. The temple had been destroyed twice and numerous wars saw the deaths of millions of soldiers. Jesus himself bled to death in the land.

Everyone condemns the mindless killings and fighting that goes on day in and day out. Who benefits out of it? Nobody. It is painful for both the Jews and Muslims to lose their children and relatives. It is time for both parties to ask this question. What is the motivating them to fight and kill? Really the problem is a spiritual one we have to find a spiritual solution for this spiritual problem.

Politicians are insensitive to religio-spiritual issues. They neither have training in religion nor spirituality. They reduce the problem of Arabs and Jews to mere political and ethnic issues. Some say it is economics and culture. �The Palestinians have no money or culture while the Jews have both,� they say. �This is the cause for the war.� �Being uncultured, violent, and barbaric by nature the Muslims become terrorists and engage in ruthless killings,� they say. I�m neither supporting nor denouncing any party involved: the Jews, the Arabs, or the western civilized nations. I am simply trying to find a solution for this problem. The truth of the matter is that everyone is groping in darkness not knowing what to do.

Clearly, up until now all approaches to peace in the Middle East have failed. I like the concept of democracy as a system of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Now apply this democracy to the situation in Palestine and Lebanon. Hamas has been elected to office by the people of Palestine. Is democracy working there? Look what�s happening in Lebanon. Hezbollah literally is ruling Lebanon. The Lebanese identify themselves with Hezbollah. If there is going to be a fresh election in Lebanon Hezbollah is likely to come to power. By striking Lebanon just for 2 soldiers the Israelis have created more problems for themselves and for the Muslims.

The politicians should understand that there is neither a political nor military solution to the problem. They should leave the problem to God to solve it. But unfortunately the politicians themselves do not believe in God. They say they do, but they don�t even have a remote understanding of who God is and how He operates. Expressions like �In God we trust� or �God Bless� are empty rhetoric that nobody believes. Politicians only believe in political maneuvering based on economics and racial affinities or rivalries. Look what is happening in Iraq. We wanted to put together a government comprised of Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. Our democratic vision for Iraq is grandiose, but it is an illusion. Iraq is now facing a civil war, if she is not already in it. Don�t be under the illusion that violence in Iraq is simply sectarian; it is unmistakably a civil war.

We should also consider what is happening to Israel as a country. The country was formed in 1948 as a Jewish nation. The Israeli constitution says that Israel is a nation for Jews all over the world. If you are a Jew by birth you can come to Israel and it�s your country. Nevertheless there is a big misunderstanding and confusion of issues here. Is Israel simply a political state or a divine state? The orthodox Jews think it is not a divine state. For all practical purposes the government of Israel looks more mundane, political and ethnic rather than divine. The Jews who go there are indeed motivated by a divine cause. They go there embracing danger and death. The politicians of the Israeli government do not have the religio-spiritual fervor of the Israeli citizens.

I want to present a spiritual solution for the conflict in the Middle East between the Jews and the Arabs. To the rational minds of the politicians I may sound superstitious and primitive. I accept their evaluation of me. I am indeed superstitious and primitive, but isn�t God superstitious and a primeval being? The problem here is to understand mindless killing. Jews kill Arabs mindlessly and vice versa.

Jerusalem is a huge flame of God. The Muslims want to die for it and the Jews want to die for it. Who are the wire pullers behind the Jews and the Muslims? These are the dead ancestors of both races. They are hanging out in the midair and fighting the war using their progeny on the earth plane. Yogis believe that the departed spirit of the ancestors control the behavior and destiny of their progeny. Yogic literature prescribes specific ancestor rituals to appease the anger and hostilities that is embedded in the soul of the departed spirits. Who would do the ritual? It�s both the Muslims and the Jews. It is a spiritual ritual and has nothing to do with religion. It is simply feeding the departed spirits in a specific way. During every new moon day place black sesame seeds and rice grains in your left palm and pour water over your palm while allowing the rice and sesame seeds to fall on the ground. Say the following prayer while offering this food to 6 generations of your departed ancestors� souls: �I�m inviting 6 generations of my departed ancestors, on both my father's and mother's side, to accept this offering and bless us with peace and prosperity.� [If you know them, mention the names of the departed souls.] This solution will work.

Anyone in the world who is interested in bringing peace to the Middle East may perform this ritual on behalf of the departed souls of that region.