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Translators Corner

Dear Adrachin, this is a wonderful addition to the Heavenletters Community Forum. Thank you so much.

It is always so wonderful when a translation comes in, when translators ask question or tell about their translating experience. When I receive a translation, I feel some special energy. Very beautiful. Thank you all.

Here's a recent comment from Santhan that I think hasn't been shared:

"Dear Gloria

"Once I translated a Heavenletter together with Pablo. It was such fun. It was like the simple flowing words God transmited had such profound depth when looked at more closely. While translating I remember going WOW all the time. Translating allowed me to become more intimate with the Heavenletter. When I read a Heavenletter, I find the essence in the title (which makes me smile) and then allow the words to feed my Soul, without really analysing the words or having to re-read it. It is a deeply fullfilling experience.

"When translating a Heavenletter its like this...

"I eat something that is really tasty and that somehow uplifts me physically and energetically. The body loves it. I love the taste sensations it creates and the whole experience of eating it. Then the chef comes along and says he used organic this combined with organic that which together has this effect on the body and boosts the functioning of that organ because it has vitamin xyz and a special herb that grows only on the highest Himalayan peaks... The chef comes along and provides proof and confirms that the meal really really was good for me.

"So when translating Heavenletters I find proof/""confirmation of their Divinity. Only God can be responsible for such perfection."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your translations.

Whether your comment has been shared, will you share it again so that all who come to the forum may read what you wrote?

With love and blessings,