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HEAVEN #2145 In the Silence of Your Heart September 20, 2006

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HEAVEN #2145 In the Silence of Your Heart September 20, 2006

God said:

You are My own True Love. Know this. Feel it. Know what it feels like to know that you are the one I love. My love for you spills over, and all the overflow is for you to give out so that others may know how loved they are. Be proof positive that I exist and My love exists. The only way to do that is to give My love away, give it quickly because it is overflowing love. My love streams from Heaven. I give it to you no matter what, and yet I give it to you to pass on.

You may ask: “But, God, can’t you do it all Yourself?”

And I answer: “Yes. Yet I ask you to help Me so that you can begin to know the effulgence that you are. I ask you to give in My name so that you are enriched. Lap up My love, beloveds, and spatter and scatter it everywhere. It will be gleaned. It will be picked up wherever it lies.”

You are like the little child who helps his father fix the car. Your father is delighted to have you there with him. You ask questions, and you hand him tools. Meanwhile, he fixes the car, and you watch. And this is love exchanged. You both experience love. The father names it love while the child simply does what children do.

Beloveds, I created the world with you at My side. And now you live in the world, and like the child whose father who fixes the car, you are still by My side. And love is exchanged, just as the air you breathe is exchanged. It is the natural flow of events. It is the eternal flow of love.

Who loves more? The father or the child? It is impossible to say. Love cannot be separated. It can only be engaged in. Let love be your identity. A shoemaker makes soles for shoes, and his service is an expression of My love. If you are an artist who paints, you paint in service to Me. You may call it self-expression, but it is Self expression.

Now, when someone asks you what you do, go ahead and give your title, and, then, as you do, whisper to yourself:

“I give love. I love God, and I love you. I love because God made me that way, and now I bow to His will. I will gladly give my ego up in order to extend God’s love. And you, being here before me, give me the beautiful opportunity to give God’s love. You ask what I do? I love in God’s name. And when I myself cannot find love, I still give you God’s love which is greater than the love I perceive as mine, even though God has given it all to me, and it is all mine. I take His word for it, and, so I give love incomparable. Even a droplet of love is love. I am learning how to give bucketsful of love. I am learning. I thank you for arriving in my life and helping me learn to pass on the love as I have been instructed to do.”

And, so, beloveds, as you answer, “Shoemaker”, you remember, in the silence of your heart, what you really do. And so you remember Our troth. You remember Our mutual promise – not a promise really – not a pledge, not a vow, not a contract, more like a recognition of a foregone conclusion, a realization of what We love to do and what you will love to do more of as you return closer to Me.

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