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Dearest Gloria,

Thank you very much for your ever-kind and patient replies. They do help me a lot. Yes you are right English has many idioms and it is a very elastic language which allows many metaphors. Especially in Heavenletters I see many many of them, sometimes first time:))) It is a rich language and Heavenletters are sooooo profound that sometimes I want to approve my understing with the help of your and everybody's explanations.

Yes as I said before #32 is one of the mosttt challenging ones...

Here are my list of questions...

Thanks a lot for your great help, dedication and devotion...Thanks infinitely many times

1) You are ever-lit and you are ever-lighting, halogen you. Haloed be your light.

This halogen issue made me quite confused. (We have hallogen bulbs here but I did not know how to translate into Turkish :roll: )

2)You can say I appointed you, but I more than named you.

Here there is a different grammar and this one made me a bit confused as well. but I more than named you.

3)If you see shadow, it is because you believe in the outline of you more than the light that reveals you and which you reveal.

Here, is this "outline" a frame or a border????Or what is it???

4) "You immerse rather than question. "

This expression is quite abstract as well :roll: