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HEAVEN #2125 The Grass That You Mow Now August 31, 2006

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HEAVEN #2125 The Grass That You Mow Now August 31, 2006

God said:

The pages of life unfold automatically. You cannot make them go faster nor slower, for everything in the plane of the world has its own time. Time is fiction, and the world has plenty of it – time and fiction. So long as time and fiction dominate your lives, you will be subject to them.

If there were no time, there would be no patience or impatience. There would be no honking of horns in traffic. There would be peace. When you remove yourself from the borders of time, you will know the peace that surpasseth understanding.

Peace is quiet and never hurries. It sits down in a chair, puts its feet up and stays there.

It is not exactly that you need to slow down (although you do need to). It is that you are to remove yourself from the crimping of time altogether. Outside of time, there is no speed. There is no fast nor slow, no hurrying up nor slowing down. There is no rat race.. There is no race. There is no competition. There is harmony instead.

Removed from time, no one rushes their child. Imagine a child growing up without time intrusions upon him. He would listen to his own drummer.

There would be no being busy. There would not be idleness either. There would be timelessness.

The end to time is Infinity. It gives you all the time in the world, although time does not exist in Infinity.

Who would not choose Infinity over time?

Who would not choose love over anything else? Only those who feel they have no choice. Only those who believe in cause and effect. They believe in this and that. I am the Cause, and have one effect, and that is love. There is no difference between cause and effect. What is the difference between Me and love? You love to call out cause and effect. Call out love instead. The cause is love and the effect is love. Looking for ordinary cause and effect is a waste of non-existent time. It makes you want to blame or credit something.

You say: "Look at what I did." Or you say: “Look at what happened.” Or you say: “Look at what so and so did.”

I am the Ruler of the Universe. I set everything in motion a long time ago. What I set in motion is playing itself out now. I made eddies of waves in the water. I planted the grass that you mow now. I hung My shingle out, and, on one side, wrote: “God.” The other side says: “I am here.”

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