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HEAVEN #2123 A Silken Sand to Walk On August 29, 2006

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HEAVEN #2123 A Silken Sand to Walk On August 29, 2006

God said:

You live in a world of all possibilities. Why are you surprised then at what someone says or does?

There are also limitless ways in which you can be accepting of people who surprise, startle, or appall you. Accepting is not the same as valuing. Value the person his choice, and make your choice of response worthy of honor.

Not everything is your business, dear ones. You are not to get in a huff about what occurs. Everything does not require your seal of approval. Nor your dismay. People are going to say and do what they do without your say-so. It is not for you to oil everyone’s wheels. Neither an approver nor a disapprover be. Save your energy, beloveds.

All is right with the world. You do not have to fix it. Imperfect in your eyes and perfect in Mine is the world. The sun rises every day. Stars come out at night. The ocean has tides, and there is a silken sand to walk on. Why, beloveds, why spend so much of the energy of your life considering what other people should or should not do? Who appointed you the supervisor of little things? All the matters that you protest during the day are little matters.

Come, adore the sun and the rain. Flowers grow from both. Be you like the flowers who drink the rain and adore the sun. They are blessed by both. Beloveds, you can even enjoy the errors you have seen. Are they not to laugh about over a cool lemonade in your garden? No one owes you an apology. Better you apologize for concentrating on the weeds when, all the while, you could have been delighting in the flowers.

Give great credit to everyone. They are doing what they see best to do in that tiny blip of imaginary time. The same goes for you. Do not court nor count the errors you have made. They are nothing now. They have all disappeared. There is nothing for you to be guilty of. You have punished yourself enough . Beloveds, those to whom you committed errors, whether they live on Earth or not, they forgave you long ago. You remember, but they have forgotten. They have moved on, and so must you. No matter what you neglected or interfered with in the past, it is not recorded except in your mind. It doesn’t matter now at all. I persist in telling you to let go of the past. I do not preach one thing and do another. You are freed from the past. I free you now, everyone.

What does matter is how you feel. Feel better about yourself, and little incidents around you won’t bother you at all. Do you see now why it is incumbent upon you to be happy? Your happiness is of great service to the universe. It takes your mind off the inconsequential.

You have attached your own disconsolation to the remarks and deeds of others. Free yourself, and so you free all others.

Be kind now. Wash away the past from your forehead. Let go of the weight of the past. It weighs nothing at all except as you have carried it around with you. It is all a thought in your mind, nothing more. There are many beautiful things to think about. Empty your mind of what plagues you, and fill it with what blesses you, as I do bless you, as I do nourish you and appreciate you. Love yourself a little bit today, and then tomorrow you will more. Will to love.

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