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HEAVEN #2119 A Line of a Magnificent Poem August 25, 2006

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HEAVEN #2119 A Line of a Magnificent Poem August 25, 2006

God said:

I see you. I see within you. I see the beauty and love you may overlook. You are hard on yourselves, beloveds. You keep raising the rope that you must jump over. You make it hard for you to please yourself. I am well pleased with you. Does it make sense for you not to be?

It is ego that makes you frown on yourself. It is that conceited ego that puts you down, tells you that you must be perfect in fulfilling its expectations. Never mind ego. Mind Me.

You were born perfect, beloveds. Which baby is not perfect as it is? Whatever the world may see as the baby’s imperfections, the baby is its perfect self. You are that baby now grown. Give yourself credit and discredit yourself no longer.

Can you imagine one day without a magnificent sunrise? What a loss that would be. Run outside and look at that beautiful manifestation of love right while it rises. Put your attention on it. Have you not paid more attention to imperfections than to the sun’s rising? Adore the sun, and adore yourself. You are God’s Created Being. As you spurn yourself, you spurn your Creator and the universe He created with love in His heart.

Just as you are today, you are Mine. In raggedy clothes or finery, you are Mine. Never can you be less. Only you may be the last to know. You dwell on imperfection when you could dwell on love. You dwell too much on yourself at the same time as you pan yourself.

Today, forget yourself. Stop seeing yourself as a miscreant. Start looking into others’ eyes. Have the intention to give happiness today. You have attended to yourself long enough. You have berated and downplayed yourself long enough. Forget about you for today, beloveds. Make someone else happy. Care to make someone else happy. That is love, beloveds. Care about how others view themselves. Give them another point of view. Give them a point of love.

When you know you are worthy, you will see the worthiness in those around you. You will see the beauty of the orchestra and the dance around you. You will begin to see the perfection that I do. You will become brave without knowing it. You will have greater understanding of the adventure you are on. You and everyone else have embarked on an adventure. You can consider the whole Earth as the ship you sail on. You are part of the crew. Everyone is part of the crew. Crewmates on shipboard help one another. One climbs the crow’s nest and tells the others what he sees. I ask you to be the one who climbs and reveals the horizon that the others cannot see yet, which they can yet see through your eyes. How important you are to the well-being of the world.

Each member of the crew carries the other. The one who mops and the one who steers at the helm serve each other. One has no more importance than the other. Each is invaluable. The one who saves and the one saved are equal gifts to the universe.

You live in the universe of man. I have given you the curved Earth to walk on and play in. Give great consideration to your fellow man. Keep expanding your evaluation of Earth until you see with My eyes. You will be in awe of how beautiful everything is. You will be surrounded with poetry. Each person you meet -- a line of a magnificent poem. The revolving Earth will be the pages turning. A perfect panorama will display itself over the horizon the same way the sun reveals itself across the sky. And you will watch the sunrise. You will see God in His Heaven and know that it is yours.

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