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Message from CM Yogi

Dear Gloria ji


Hope this email will find you well, sorry for not writing you for a long time but i have been following the Heaven letters as a source of inspiration for me, and I do send to my friends as well time to time as it may recharge them or awaken them.

This last week was terribly busy for me as i went to Pokhara for Krishna's birth day celebration and then program again in KTM, a great spiritual vibration...

Now another very important festival " Teeja " ( a special festival for the women ) has come , in which the women worship lord Shiva and then singing/dancing/fasting goes for whole day.... a great Sadhana !!! i also will be busy again delivering talks at different places...

The Volunteer teachers from Durham university have returned after completing their wonderful time in Nepal and now we have 3 vol. from Cambridge university and they are doing their best..., it would be great to have our friends of Heaven letters also sometime in Nepal ,i'm waiting for the days.

Rest is fine here. Pls take care of yourself. pls keep in touch, namaste to all of our good Friends & family members .

c.m. yogi