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HEAVEN #2086 The Love of Which God Speaks

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HEAVEN #2086 The Love of Which God Speaks July 22, 2006

God said
For those of you who find it hard to love, or to even relate to love
when it comes to your own feelings, then never mind about love. Turn your
thoughts of lack of love to fullness of appreciation. You are one who
appreciates. When you feel appreciation, that is the love of which I speak,
Just as gratefulness is a form of love, so is appreciation.
Appreciation is strong, but it is not overwhelming. You don't make demands
of appreciation as you do of love. You don't put violins around
appreciation. You just let it be what it is. Love doesn't have to be
high-flown either, yet you have expectations you draw around love, as if it
has to be a great crescendo, a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise, an eclipse of
everyday emotion, an entry into a musical!
Appreciation is good enough. It is greater than good enough. You
appreciate your wife, and you don't think you're lacking appreciation
because you don't fall out of your chair every time she enters the room. You
can think of appreciation as mild love. Love does not have to be fast and
furious. It can be mild. It can be a steady flame without much to-do about
it. Appreciation may appear to take a back seat to love. It's simply more
watchful, quieter, content. It burns more slowly.
You may associate love with fanfare. But there can be easy quiet
love. Yes, let's call it appreciation.
You may have thought that you have to be in the grips of love,
possessed by love, overtaken by love. You never had the idea that
appreciation is to be earth-shaking. You kind of moseyed along with
appreciation. You have been enthusiastic but you never thought you had to be
carried away with appreciation.
You may have associated love with drama, a sweeping panorama across
the stage -- an opera of magnificent proportions, while appreciation you
have allowed to be a simple recital you attend.
Appreciation is a great gift. It is like candy that you can eat a
lot of.
What makes you happy? What makes you happy are all the things you
appreciate. If you made a list of all the things you love, you would make a
shorter list because you have bounded standards for love before you will
name it love. Sometimes even the thought of love can paralyze you whereas
appreciation just comes in and sits down and shares itself amiably.
Appreciation is like a plain clothes detective whereas love is a captain in
full uniform.
Appreciation may be like a street cleaner whereas love rides in a
golden chariot pulled by white steeds and cheered by a throng. Yet the
street cleaner sees much that love riding in the chariot misses.
Love is a parade while appreciation is a simple balloon-man.
Love is a tuba, appreciation the little tinkling triangle.
Love has a loud voice. Appreciation has big shining eyes.
Be sure to know that I am not knocking love. I want to be sure that
you who may feel you do not have much love in your heart know how great
appreciation is, and to appreciate it. Appreciate appreciation. It is
golden, beloveds. There really is no difference, except love appears in neon
lights and attracts more attention.
You can accept that you can appreciate at every moment. It is easy
to appreciate always. You may feel that to love at every moment is too
intense, and that you wouldn't survive it, that you might explode in love.
Meanwhile, appreciation grazes on grass thoughtfully, and you can sleep.

Copyright@ July 22, 2006

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The man smiled and said, "It's by the hat. It's the hat method."

I didn't know what he was talking about.

He pointed to a big old farmer's type hat, filled with dollar bills, that
sat on the blanket. "You just put in what feels right to you," he said.

"Give me an idea," I said.

"Oh, no," he said, "then it wouldn't be by the hat."

He truly offered his vegetables for what people had in their hearts to pay.
He was not attached. He really wasn't. He didn't even stay around. And he
was so generous with the sweep of his hand that I had such a different
feeling. I felt that I had been given a great gift, and, with all my heart,
I wanted to pay him enough. It felt like joy to receive, and joy to give. He
helped me to feel that these vegetables were the fruits of God and he was
simply the deliverer.

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