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HEAVEN #2084 Paramour of the Boxes July 20, 2006

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HEAVEN #2084 Paramour of the Boxes July 20, 2006

God said

The physical will consume your life if you let it. You will have
boxes and possessions everywhere. Your heart will be stored in the closet,
taken out of circulation, put on a shelf with the boxes. Your heart will
become paramour of the boxes and whatever is in them.
This is not to say to feel guilty over loving the physical. Love
your possessions, but keep your heart off the shelf. There is greater than
the physical. Do not put your whole heart and soul into the physical. Put
your whole heart and soul into greater than the physical. Give at least
equal measure to that which surpasses the physical.
If you were a millionaire, giving your money alone would not be
enough. Money isn't enough. The heart has to go with it.
Give your heart to Sentient Beings. True, they are sequestered in
physical bodies, yet they can multiply your love. Your love goes further
when you give it to souls. Your love, once given, will extend infinitely,
and it will wind itself around you once again, only to be given out again
and again. Be generous with your love. Be adamant about giving it.
A scratch on your furniture is not supposed to pain you. It is only
a scratch. It is only furniture. Add polish to hearts instead. Refinish
Hearts around you have some rough edges. Soothe them away. Love
heals. Be cognizant of love and that you are a demonstrator of it. You are
meant to fulfill love on Earth.
How much love can you give today? Can you replace a sharp word with
a softer one? Can you say the same thing in a gentler way? What can you do
instead of walking away? How much does it cost to smile? Does it cost less
to frown?
You have a huge love account in your heart. Keep it in your heart,
and it will get wounded. Open an overseas account. Let your heart be
far-flung, and it will be strong and healthy. It will flush itself out every
day. It will tour the universe and come back from other lands. Yet love is
not a souvenir. It is not a possession. What is it then? A vehicle? You
could say love is a vehicle for Me. Certainly I travel with your love. And
yet love is more than a vehicle for itself. I am the love you give, and yet
I am more.
I am a pull on your heart. I am the message of all hearts. Heart is
King. Heart sees and hears Truth and utters it too. Heart is the sign of the
dove heralding that Heaven is upon Us. Heaven is at hand. Heaven is at
heart. Dole out clues of Heaven from your heart.
There is to be no delay with love. It must be given, and it must be
received. Right now. Today. Tomorrow too. Not it is today. Let's bombard the
world with love today. The world doesn't have to know you are giving love.
It doesn't have to know where the love comes from. It just has to receive
it. It has to know love. It has to be swept up in it. What else could the
world need but love?
There is nothing to replace love. There is nothing to come near it.
Only love is love. Imitation love is not love. Talk about love is not love,
though it is better to talk about love than anything else. Give love from
your heart with your thoughts, beloveds. Let your mind pick up the beat of
love. Let your mind become wise in the ways of love, and give it out

Copyright@ July 20, 2006

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