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My Tomorrows Came To An End Today

My Pastor now uses this at funerals. God is a special part of every poem I write. They wouldn't be possible without Him.

My Tomorrow’s Came To An End Today

My tomorrow’s came to an end today,
But, dear one, have no fear,
My name was written in the Book of Life,
And Jesus was waiting for me here.

I’ve seen the loved ones that came before,
And I received a standing ovation,
As Christ welcomed me home with open arms,
Praise God for this glorious salvation.

I have joined a band of angels,
In praising His grace through song,
I have found complete peace in my soul,
I found Heaven is where I belong.

So don’t cry for me, don’t shed a tear,
Rejoice and know that I’m home,
And I will be waiting for you when you arrive,
And I will not be waiting alone.

Wendy L. Whiteside