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Robert's post on moving past pain


Thank you for your response. We rarely know where we
connect with others or how. That my words touched you
reminds me that indeed we are all connected thru love
and it is love that directs us to act or speak and
where that love ends up healing is love's own


--- Jennine C <TheHeavenLetters [at] heavenletters [dot] org>


Dearest Robert,
Your words come at such a moment for me. I am
helping someone deal with many
hurts from childhood & issues that taint his daily
life with woe & grief. It
is best to think love, give love, BE love. This is
all we can really do to
heal ourselves, or help others heal themselves. It
is what we came from,
what we are made of, & what we will return to. As
God is in all of us, so is
His love...our life-force, purpose.
Love prevails.
I have all I need. I have no complaints whatsoever.

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