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HEAVEN #2075 Put Down Your Swords July 11, 2006

God said
Into your heart I blow life. I never stopped. I inhaled once, and
now with full cheeks, I exhale. I breathed life into everything, and so I
continue. This is effortless. I took one breath so deep, I am still
exhaling. My breath is creating still. And what a panorama!

Think of the pictures my breath blew into existence. Think of what
is yet unfolding. Think of this moment held by My breath, this most subtle
energy that breathes life into life. In My one breath, all is held and yet
held not. Infinity and Eternity and bamboo shoots and what is in your garden
as well emerge from My breath.

My breath created your mind to manifest all the stories a mind can
manifest. There have been billions, and there are billions more issuing from
My one breath, running across your mind. Thoughts have occurred to you. On
Earth, you harnessed My energy. You plowed it like a field and made furrows.
You dug holes and planted seeds that exploded into fantasies hardly
imaginable, and yet they were imagined. Every variety of thought sown has
grown quickly. Now peace will grow rampant in the minds of men. You will
scatter it on Earth, and peace will grow everywhere until it takes over the
whole land.

Surely I breathe peace. Surely I hold up My hand in peace. My breath
is not intermittent. It is steady. Peace befalls now.
Anchor your mind in peace. Peace is easy. It is a platform of love.
I breathe life into each nation. Therefore I breathe peace into each
nation, and each nation will listen to its own heartbeat. The heartbeats are
the same. The peace is the same. Disturbance is peace dashed in the name of

This has to be the case. One shoulder set against another is ego. It is
the foreplay of war. First there is pouting and then righteous indignation.
From righteous indignation rises battle, justified by any means, the mind
disguising dishonor to make it look honorable. The mind plays a hoax on
itself. You may wonder how war can arise from a platform of peace. There is
no other platform for it to arise from, beloveds.
How the world bends My exhale, turns and twists it to its own
dissatisfaction, heaping one assault upon another, counting what has torn
asunder, counting others' suffering as victory. What fireworks the mind of
man has conceived.
Is it not delusion that war can bring peace? War does not leave
peace in its wake. It leaves disaster. A truce is not peace. It is a pause
in battle. For a while, it allows everyone to go home and till his own
field. Continue to mind your own business unless you are in the business of
love, for then you will love everywhere, and no war will flame.
Love puts out the flame of war. Declare love with your heart today,
and disband the armies. Their hearts are not in it. What are they fighting
for? No one remembers, yet the illusion that war can assuage the upset heart
is still upheld. The flag of honor is shot full of holes, and still it is
upheld, as if it led men into victory when it leads them into war.
A sword does not bring peace. It cuts peace in two. Put down your
swords. Let go of war.
I blew peace into the created universe, and I blow it still. My
breath does not incite. It breathes peace. It puts out flames. May My breath
put out all the bonfires wherever they burn on Earth.

Copyright@ July 11, 2006

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