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Independence Day

In so many ways
Each moment
Of every day
Of every night
Is our time
To celebrate

If we wish it so
As we follow love's flow
As we allow for stillness
To expand our perspective
Upon even the most challenging
Worldly to and fro

For the truth of it
The truth of us
Is this
Irrespective of appearance
Always Is

In the sense
That we already Are
Of all those thoughts or emotions we so often sow
Of being below
Of joy not arrived or incessantly slow
That temporarily appear to dim our glow

And yet
We'll continue to fret
To be upset
To the degree
That we don't feel this as yet
In that we don't feel as free
To have and be
All that we would have be

In that we feel as bound
To all too familiar ground
Where abundance seems not anywhere found
Or only feels around, here and there
But not everywhere
All the time

Then this is the extent in which we feel as spent
Desiring, then, to take or spend
Which isn't really the same as to receive or to give
All consumed with where to go or where we've went
Forgetting that Being
Is the key

That opens the flower's petals
From what once was a seed
That unfolds the wings of a bird
To fly upon the wind

And in this
Not only do we claim our stake
In freedom's place
We awake
To the way
Of the Here and Now

To Peace's time and place
In its surrounding embrace
And this is the when and where
Of a different take
On another meaning
Of independence day

wishing all best, all the time...mike:)