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The Letter

The Letter

I am composing this letter to You, Lord,
For my heart weighs with burdens untold,
In words I will give You my sorrows and pain,
And watch for Your answers to unfold.

I have been sitting here, writing, for hours,
Writing until my heart has been drained,
Pouring it out like the words from a sad song,
Like the water from the clouds when it rains.

I can feel You tugging at my heart, Lord,
As my words freely flow from my hand,
Are You taking my burdens as I write them?
Was this moment part of Your larger plan?

Did You lay these burdens upon me, Lord?
So I would feel when You pulled on my heart?
So I would sit and write You a letter?
Was this Your plan from the very start?

Did You know that I was going to need You?
Was it You I felt last night as I cried?
I know now that You truly are with me,
That Your loving hand can and will be my guide.

I can close out this letter in comfort,
For You are sitting by my side with a smile,
Knowing I will always come back to You,
I love you Father,
Your devoted child.