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HEAVEN #2062 Bells Ring in Heaven June 28, 2006

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HEAVEN #2062 Bells Ring in Heaven June 28, 2006

God said:

You are My reward. When you league yourself with Me, I Who AM Completeness Itself become complete. I am already complete, yet with the arrival of your awareness, I breathe a deep sigh, for you have returned. You are back Home.

You always were, always are, always can only be, and yet, when I hear your footstep, my heart rolls over in anticipated joy. Since for Me there is no time, I should more correctly say, you arrive the moment I find you returning to where you think you have been absent from. Always with Me, you are in sight. You are always here, so never missed. Yet with your arrival, My heart bounces, and I am reminded of My completeness, not that I ever did forget it.

How can this be? It is like when you are not even aware you are hungry until a beautiful feast is set before you. As your eyes see the feast, your hunger is awakened. That's how it feels to Me when you plop your awareness smack down in front of Me.

Now you may want to know what it feels like to you, beloveds, when your awareness has reached its Source from which it never left? Will you Imagine how that feels? There are no words for it, no way to describe this unbounded joy. But imagine it anyways, beloveds. Imagine it, and make it come true. Feel how it feels. Sink into the cushions of My love.

You will sit at the laden table, well-arrived, you who never left at all except in imagination. You were like a blind man who was always seated in the palace. He just didn't know where he was. Now seated at My table in his awareness, all blindness leaves. Blindness takes a walk, even though there is nowhere for it to go. The blind one lacked light permanence, but there is no longer dimness now.

In the bright light of Heaven, you see. Cataracts gone, now you see.
You see what was always before you. But now you see, see Me. I see you.

When you love someone with all your heart, and your beloved has joy, is it not also your joy? That is how it is with Me when you come Home. All joy is Mine, for all are My beloved. Always in My awareness, you now have Me in yours. Bells ring in Heaven. The anointed one has opened his eyes and seen where he abides.

The long hall you walked down was only life, beloveds. It was only a hallway, and it was a hallway through your mind. Now that you know your mind is powerful enough to even blind you, now you can start using it for other purposes. A mind that can make you not see, what sights can it not put before you? What is there that such a mind cannot do when it puts its mind to it? You had reins on your mind, and now the reins are no longer. You have set your mind free. You have told it what direction to go in. You have told it where to take you. Your mind is consigned to you, and you have authority over it. Your authority extends to letting it go free. Free from what? The imagined past. Now your mind can gallop. Now your mind flies. It lifts up from Earth, reaches the blue stars, reaches the yellow sun and the white moon, circles planets, leaps over galaxies, takes you inevitably to Me where I always am, and where you have ever been as well, in plain sight in Heaven.

Copyright@ June 28, 2006

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