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HEAVEN #1773 What is forgiveness? September 12, 2005

HEAVEN #1773 What is forgiveness? September 12, 2005

[This Heavenletter was occasioned by a difficulty I had with forgiveness. The degradation and cruelty that my friend’s parents subjected her to during her entire childhood had shaken my understanding of forgiveness. Her childhood was a Gothic nightmare. About forgiveness, God has said that offense is not ours to take, and therefore we are not wonderful to forgive. While this is true for my life, I was unable to see how it applied to my friend’s.]

God said:

This is where her parents were. This was their vision. For you, there is no excuse for it. For them, this was their right. Were they ill? Certainly. Did they perpetuate enormous cruelty? Yes.

We come back to forgiveness as realization that people act from their level of consciousness. Let Me ask you? Do you forgive what is deemed a retarded child – do you forgive the child for having one IQ score and not another? Do you forgive an autistic child for being autistic?

Now you will say that these children had no choice, and your friend’s parents did.

Then do you forgive someone because he is near-sighted or far-sighted or astigmatic? Perhaps he can change his vision, but right now that is his vision.

In every case, beloved, it is not for you to condemn and, therefore, not for you to forgive.

You can have compassion for the child and not feel vindictive toward the parents. Forget forgiveness for a moment. Just look at not being vindictive toward the mother and father. Just look at not being self-righteous. Distance yourself from them. They are not before you. They are not on Earth. You cannot report them to the police now. You can’t go in with a gun and shoot them. You cannot go in and take the child away from them. There is nothing to fight, beloved. The action is over.

See her parents walking into the distance where your eyes cannot follow and your heart can return to its Source.

Can you bless her parents? You do not feel like giving them a blessing. Can you give them over to Me? Can you say: “God, I relinquish them to You.” Can you forego judgment for a little while? Because you love this child, does that mean you must hate the parents?

In your heart, rescue the child. Run away with her, and leave the parents. Would you give up accusing the parents in order to save the child? You would, I know you would, so do it now. Give up the parents. Let them escape your wrath. That is forgiveness.

Think about the courage and beauty of this child. Think about the good she does. Think about the miracle of a rose growing from a dung heap, for she is a rose. Look at the beautiful rose. Never mind from where she came. She is a beautiful rose now.

Saying you forgive someone is presumptuous. Who are you to forgive? What made you so almighty that you can forgive another? Do you really stand on such a high throne?

There is a reason to let go of all your anger and protests. The reason is that you must. Anything else is a poor choice. In the cool light of day, you have no choice but to let go. The world calls this forgiveness. So you forgive for no other reason but that you have to.

You cannot drop the parents on their head, but you can drop the subject. You can drop the subject from your mind and heart. You can let go of the child’s anguish. You can let go of it for her. It is not hers to keep. It is no one’s to keep. Anguish is not to be kept.

In your mind now, take those two parents. Walk with them up to the gates of Heaven. Leave them there. That is all there is for you to do, for, in truth, this is none of your business. All is between them and Me. Leave them with Me. I will not be affected. With Me, perhaps they will leave their cruelty behind.
Do not think I am saying they are not responsible. They are responsible. They are responsible for their level of consciousness. I am talking to you now, beloved. As you condemn them, you reduce yourself to their consciousness. You know it is for you to rise above. And that is what you always must do. Ring a higher bell. Make the kind of music of which you are capable. Play My song and no one else’s. Am I asking too much of you?