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HL 1771 & Intentional Compassion

HL 1771 also took me to this from Greg Braden which supported me during 9/11.


Intentional Compassion: Greg Braden, in his audio tape "Lost Modes of Prayer¨, states that Intentional Compassion is a quality of thought, feeling & emotion that forms a program of reconciliation.
- Consider having thoughts that have no attachment to the outcome of the thought.
- Consider having feelings without distortion of the feeling or having feelings unconditioned by those around us.
- Consider having emotions without charge, simply loving all that we witness without judgment.

Intentional Compassion could be said to form a Science of Compassion, where, if this then that flows. Consider holding the following five inquiries as possible codes of being:
- Is there a single source of all we experience in our life, in our world?
- If you trust in the process of life, allowing for all being in Divine order?
- If you believe that each and every experience, without exception, is an opportunity to demonstrate mastery in life?
- If you believe your life mirrors your quest to know yourself in all ways?
- If you believe that life essence is eternal then do you believe that your body is eternal?

If we acknowledge, trust and believe these things we become compassion. Then it is impossible to judge anything as wrong or bad, to anger or to rage. It is self-empowering in that if you find one code of being that doesn't work in an event, you've defined your next step on your path to balance and mastery. If all five are reconciled and an event still leaves a knot of emotion, Braden suggests using the Ancient Gift of the Blessing.

The Ancient Gift of the Blessing is a quality of thought, feeling & emotion that allows us to acknowledge the sacred & divine nature of all we witness. The short form of this conversation is:
- Bless the abuser, for they thereby know themselves.
- Bless the abused, for they thereby know themselves.
- Bless the witness, yourself, for you thereby know All of your Self.

Just because something is sacred does not mean that we either agree or condone as we acknowledge this sacredness. When we give away a part of ourselves to judgment, hate, anger or rage, there is a part of ourselves that is not available to love.

We've come to learn to love in a way only possible on earth, a deeper love than that available to the angels. This is the gift of the blessing. This acknowledgment becomes the lubricant that frees us from the stuck emotion leaving us more empowered to go out in life being compassion.