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HEAVEN #2041 Preconceived Thoughts June 7, 2006

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HEAVEN #2041 Preconceived Thoughts June 7, 2006

God said:

There is nothing you have to know. Your mind is cluttered with all you know. Know less. Be less proficient. Know nothing. Then all the past is gone. All the presumptions, the attitudes, the evaluations, the judgments - all gone. Then you become a receiver of the Universe. Your head is clear, your eyes, your ears, and then you see with clear vision, and you hear with ears and heart and mind open to hearing.

It has long been promulgated on Earth that you are supposed to know a lot. This very learning and the knowledge it accumulates is cumbersome.
For then you have to do sorting and resorting and buying more file folders and squeezing in more thoughts into your mind. Better to open your mind, beloved. Fling those mental folders away. It is enough to be alive and greet the sun.

All the accumulated knowledge cannot go everywhere with you. Like worldly goods, you will have to leave it and take openness instead. Another name for openness is love. You will bring all the love in the world with you. It weighs nothing. It fills hearts but takes up no room. Knowledge often surmounts love.

Any idea you had a minute ago is a preconceived thought. Preconceived thoughts weigh you down. They are hurdles you have to jump over. What do YOU think? You don't know what you think because your mind has been crowded with thoughts that came from somewhere else. You were applauded for all you gained of passed-on knowledge, and no one told you to think your own thoughts. You were given one scale to weigh things on. You were not allowed time to ask yourself what you thought. Your thoughts were downplayed. They weren't considered of much importance now, were they?

Yet what you think and what you feel are of the utmost importance.
What is your mind for but to think your own thoughts? Your mind is not meant to be a suitcase packed-full of remembered items that you probably won't use. You keep track of them because you have been instructed.

But at any moment you can walk into the horizon without any luggage.

You are on Earth for discovery. Why do you have a third eye? It is for looking within. The energy of all knowledge is contained within you.
Outer knowledge is not inner knowledge. What you are discovering along your path in life is what you do think and what you do feel and what you do make of what you think and feel. Certainly, there are Red Cross workers along the way, but they do not hold your hand forever. Pretty soon you let go of crutches and canes, and you surrender to yourself. You surrender to your majesty. You discover the seeds of knowledge that were planted within you.

No longer do you buy packets of knowledge from here and there. Now you invest in your own education.

Certainly, you are in the world to find your way around.
Streetlights are lit, and you use their light. Street signs are there. But you do not make streetlights nor street signs responsible for your reaching your destination. You are the true conductor who takes you where you always wanted to be.

First you find out who you are and what you think and what matters to you, and then you find out what is palpable in your life. Whether it's called career, enlightenment, service, education, its real name is love, simply love. This is all you have to learn. You are learning, and I am teaching you.

Copyright@ June 7, 2006

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