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HL 1771: Ultimate Forgiveness


RE: "You do not own the offense, yet, in another sense, you own every offense. Every offense is against you. Any malicious act that has ever been committed to anyone in the universe was also done to you. Whatever has hurt any family, has hurt yours. If another country is wounded, your country has also been wounded. Others, other families, other nations – they are others in name only. Whatever hurts another also hurts you.

You must absolve all the hurt ones in the world, and you must also absolve all the hurters in the world, for they too are your brothers. There is no crime committed that, in your heart, you have not committed."

This was the lesson for me from 9/11. It was the wakeup call for each to own just that. We did not hear it as a nation, so now we have Katrina. May we hear it as a culture.
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