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Clouds in my coffee.

I thought some wierd thoughts,
Before I came to you.

And there was the buzzing of bees in my ear.
They roared at times;
Bothered me;
Didn't know how to shake them off.

Do I yell?
Do I scream?

Do I sit there, here; and endure their incessant noise?
Do I interpret the sound to mean anything at all?

Where does it come from?
Why does it seem they might sting?

So I sat, forlorn, listening and nervous;
Trying to stay calm as could be.

Until I did figure they weren't bees not at all;
But, just what I thought them to be.

Then what did happen?
For a moment at least,

I heard the cry and the sound of some Eagles!
Amidst the roar the ocean, the blowing of the wind;
The confusion of a world out of balance.

There was a feeling of peace in the air;
If just for a few moments;
And then I sat down to write You.
Scooby Do.