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Greetings Again with Angel I's

Greetings and Salutations Friends of Angel I's and CVC Radio

We are sending out an early release of our newsletter to announce that we will be back on the air June 5th 2006 and after allot of thought we have decided to do the show fro 10 AM till 4 PM instead of a night time show.
WE do hope you'll listen in and enjoy all our musical talents that we feature and as we go along we hope to add more.
We have update the newsletter and have given another week for Lady Branwen and Silky to put togetehr their columns as we press forward to get our radio show back on the air.
You will aslo find on our web pages, a donation button, to help us along to help off set our expenses and help prevent us from places advertising on our site to pay for the upkeep.
So help us keep our Newsletter and Radio show adverstisment free.
We are still looking for new angels as well as picture to put to the faces for our angel column so if you have a friend or know some one please forward us a photo jpeg or gif and we will add them.
I appreciate all your patients recently awaiting our return and as of June 5th 2006 we will officially be back.

Hugs from the heart
Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron MacIntyre
bcearthangel [at] hotmail [dot] com (bcearthangel [at] hotmail [dot] com)
To live, to love and to laugh.
If one is not laughing and loving then one is not living