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HEAVEN #2026 Happy May 24, 2006

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HEAVEN #2026 Happy May 24, 2006

God said:

What makes you happy, beloveds? Above and beyond the events and circumstances that make you happy, you are happy when I, God, succeed. You are happy when you are aligned with My Will. You may not have realized this, but you are happy for Me. You are happy I AM, and, moreover, you are happy when My Will has been granted.

When there is universal peace on Earth, you will be happy for yourself, your neighbors, the world, but, most of all, you will be happy on My behalf. You will be cheering Me: "God, You did it! Way to go, God. Bravo!
Thy Will has been done."

There is no greater happiness than your happiness for Me. You are overjoyed when, in your terms, I win.

Then you must be happy always because, despite what lingers in the world, My Will is not future. It is right now. If you must think in terms of victory, victory has been achieved. There was never anything else.

In truth, there is nothing to win victory over. Remember, beloveds, there is Oneness. You have seen otherwise because a bout of imagination took over the world for a moment. What you see as victory can only be the world returning to My original vision. What I created cannot be undone. There never was a defeat. There is only winning, and you are on the Winning Side. It cannot be otherwise.

If you happen to be a great proponent of war, you will roll over in joy when there is no longer the tiniest ripple on the river of peace. You too will be ecstatic at what I have wrought. In putting down your sword, you will have put down a mistaken idea, and then you will no longer be able to imagine a flashing implement being used to hurt people. "What folly is that," you will think and look askance. The world will be One, and you will be perplexed at the idea that anyone could possibly dream of tearing it asunder.

Everything will be in the open. There will be no fences and therefore no need for gates. There will no walls to mend. The rain and sun will be welcome. There will be no umbrellas needed to keep the rain off nor parasols to deflect the sun. No canopies over decks. The sky will be the canopy of the universe, and all will sing to My Glory.

Be happy for Me now. There is nothing for you to wait for. At the moment of Creation, it was done. You have thought otherwise. You have thought you were to fix the world. Fix it with joy then. Celebrate the blessings of God today, and you will see what today is. You will be bemused that you have spent a minute on anything but joy. There is no battle needed in order to know joy. Do not crave battles so that you can be happy when they're over. An end to war is not the call for joy. Peace was ever the call to joy. Peace is victory, beloveds. Declare it now.

Declare peace to your own heart. Assuage your own heart. Put laurels on it. Crown it. Give it a medal. Your heart has withstood war. Now it can flourish in peace. No longer battle with yourself, for it is yourself that you fight. There is no one else. You are beyond brotherhood. There is One Self. Can there even be a brother or sister when all are Your Self?

I speak to My One Child now, and I say, "Thank you for cheering Me on. Thank you for loving Your One Self. That means loving Me as the reflection of you. If you were made in My image, then I must be your image as well."

Copyright@ May 24, 2006

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