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[HeavenLetters Board HeavenlettersT Comments] FUNNNNNYYY:))

Dear Engin,
What are the odds of this! Who has so much fun as God!
The Heavenletter written down this morning is about the in and out of the weaving of life, and here is a perfect example.
Sometimes someone subscribes, and they say who introduced them to Heavenletters, and I discover that the person who told them does not even subscribe! There are also new newsletters I hear about that publish Heavenletters, and I never heard of them until then. There is like a whole “underground” Heavenletters, passed from hand to hand and we don’t know.
I think your story takes the cake!
I have two other favorite stories.
One is about Ron Hall, who lived in my same town. He had heard of Heavenletters but took no interest while he lived here. Later he moved to Utah. And years later he heard about Heavenletters from Shahid in India. Ron subscribed immediately, and has been a blessing to Heavenletters ever since.
Santhan of Mojah Media who has taken Heavenletters under his wing was visiting in South Africa, and came across a Heavenletter in a little print magazine published in a very small town -- the last place he would have expected to find a Heavenletter. How it reached there, we don’t know.
But we are so glad.
Thank you so much for sharing your delightful story with us all, Engin.
Blessings and love,

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Dear Gloria, this is the funny thing that I wanted to share:
Last week my mother had received an e-mail message - from a distant friend- saying: "This text is explaining the importance of Positive Thinking with a very clear way, with such a simple language..etc.."
Then my mother had read the text and said to herself    "mmmmmm I remember this fom somewhere"...then she saw the signature underneath the text : Translated by: Engin Zeyno Vural...
Then she examined the text and saw that it was one of the most beautiful Heavenletters...)))))))  I think somehow people forward and share those messages with eachother...Then the lady who had found this Heavenletter, will subscribe I think...I think...
Engin Zeyno

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