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Peace Supports

Unlike limited "love"
Which, when identified with, causes all belief in frailty
Spiritual Love
Is totally complete
A fail-safe venture
Yet not felt as so
Until fragmentation is obsolete
Until completion isn't such an arduous task
But the behind the scenes and the in front of our nose of the adventure

Unlike limited "love"
Spiritual Love waits not on an"other"
To offer what is always received
Regardless of what may be "seen" or perceived
It, this Love, instead is a continual "thing"
Unmeasuring, in any terms, the worthiness or worthlessness of illusory flings
But that Is what it Is
Even in the midst of one choosing to fight or lament instead of to dance and
to sing

Unlike limited "love"
That so often stings
Spiritual Love
Extends and brings
The Serene
The fullness of compassion
The trust that rightness of action
One day will be
Our most fervent passion
Because It already Is
Our true nature fashioned

Unlike limited "love"
That believes mostly, only in what it sees
And then must need accordingly preach or spread its seed
So "others" may be "saved" and "set free"
Spiritual Love
Through total Vision
That all are already perfectly free
And lets be
Not because it has to or as a bargaining chip to achieve
But because this is Natural Law
The support of Peace
Within which all are equally winged