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Joan of Arcadia

I loved Joan of Arcadia, the girl who saw and heard God in many people, saw the synchronicity of miracles, thought she was crazy, came back still believing, now the last I heard the network hadn't renewed her. Have you heard anything else? What else is Godly good out there??

What else is Godly good out there?

It really seems to me that I am less spiritual than everyone else!

I never watched Joan of Arcadia though I have heard excellent things about it. I don't watch Touched by an Angel either.

I will tell you two shows I occasionally catch that I can always be sure won't have unGodly things. They are the decorating and cooking shows! They don't go deep, but they are always healthy.

I hope you're not too disappointed in me!

I saw a movie last night that I like so much. Spiritual? I can't say it is.

Strictly Ballroom. Have you seen it?

I've seen it several times and don't tire of it.

Of course, you know my history with Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell!

JC TV and movies

Dear Gloria I don't know your history with JC Super Star and Godspell. I love the music in JC Super Star especially the version with the Indian girl singing as Mary M. What is your history?

I am not disappointed that you don't watch TV. It has too many bad scenes even surfing quickly that shouldn't be on TV. There are movies that shouldn't have been made too. I applaud you for not getting into the ego forms of fiction, isn't that why your HLs are so pure; You don't confuse your mind with the ego illusions of the world. I've thought about this before; I imagine it's your job NOT to watch TV or see movies that you aren't sure about.


Dear dear Margaret,

I might have given you the wrong impression! I do watch TV. And, yes, movies! I love a good movie. Sometimes a junky movie!

One movie I liked that a friend of mine was appalled at was The Professional. It had violence, but, for me, the unusual love transcended all that. The hero was a hit man, and he found himself protecting an eleven or twelve year old girl, and he became an incredible hero.

I always loved a story where someone conquers overwhelming odds.

To read the story of the power Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell had on me, go to and then to the Story of Heavenletters.

It is a great puzzle to me how God's words come through me. I am not so pure, dear, not at all. But God can do anything. And I'm proof that anyone can Godwrite, and that God wants us to.

There is a Heavenletter where God tells us we don't have to get dressed up for him or be anything special at all. He wants just as we are right now.
He makes it very clear that there is nothing we have to do to become worthy of Him but rather that this is our birthright, and all we have to do is avail ourselves of it.