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HEAVEN #2005 In Heaven May 2, 2006

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HEAVEN #2005 In Heaven May 2, 2006

God said:

You remember the birthdays of those you have loved and who no longer walk the Earth in Human form with you, and you feel sad and grieve at their passing. You wish you could have another day with them on Earth. How beautiful that would be. How you would spend it face to face and arm in arm. What a reunion! May you live every day with your loved ones as you would that day of reunion. You can. You will.

Let birth dates remind you of love instead of sadness. Do not be sad for what is so little -- the passage from life on Earth is no more than a switch of the dial. There is a fine line between life on Earth and life in Heaven. In fact, the difference is only physical and, of course, what you make of the difference. Love does not have to turn into sadness. Only you do not presently know how to turn sadness into joy. You think you have lost something, and you think you have to stay sad. Beloveds, you are attached to that sadness. But love is unattached.

Why isn't it joyful to think of your loved ones who now live in a greater realm? You think your sadness is because they are no longer on Earth. In truth, your sadness is because you are left on Earth. They have flown away, and despite your protests, you would have liked to fly away with them perhaps rather than stay on Earth.

In Heaven there is no sense of obligation, no responsibility as you know responsibility, no weight on your shoulders, no hustle-bustle. There is no burden in Heaven. Who wouldn't prefer that to the heaviness of the physical you hold onto on Earth? But your flight comes at a later date, and meanwhile you can learn how to not let the physical weigh you down and get in your way.

The secret to Heaven is that that there is love only, and therefore there is no sense of obligation and a list of all that you have to do. In Heaven you have great responsibility and great duty, but it is known only as love. Love is a great magician. It can make everything but itself vanish.
Love stands on the stage, emptied of the beautiful girl sawed in half. .

While you are on Earth, you can find that common place of love and be as the angels. Burden can leave while your body is still stationed on Earth. The physical does not have to hold you down. You can enjoy the physical more when you recognize all the love and light that are yours. Then you will live life and enjoy it far more. Let in the possibility.

Hallowed be your name. Your name is Love. There is nothing about love to make you unhappy. Only your attachment to absence hurts your heart.
You carry a lot of baggage thoughts. Your attachment to the physical is obsessive, beloveds.

At the same time, I encourage you to cry all you want. Let your tears take your false thoughts with them. The physical is not all it's cracked up to be. Do not focus on it so much. Focus on love more. Focus on love more than you do the missing of it.

You are not separated from your loved ones. You have convinced yourself you are. The world has convinced you that you are. All your loved ones who have left Earth are sitting beside you still. You are surrounded with your loved ones. They never left you at all. You have bought the illusion. That which is more subtle than the physical holds greater power.

And love which is more subtle than any demonstration is as much yours as it ever was. You have been given all the love in the world, and you have it still in or out of the world. You have been given all the love in Heaven.
Sit up and receive, beloveds. Receive.

Copyright@ May 2, 2006

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