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May I visit?

It came upon me.
I earned the Right.
I earned it.

I won't be left behind.
I'm too valuable.
My Companions care for me too much.

I don't care what others think.
It doesn't matter what they try to do.
I know myself.
I know where I stand.

I know why.

Do you know how I got here?
I can hardly remember right now.

Maybe I was rude.
Maybe I was shrewd.
Maybe I crude.
Perhaps even lewd.

The crews abandoned ship,
Mutinied. I was sold for ransom into slavery.

There's been redemption.
They have their reasons.

My ship is at Harbor.
I'm setting sail next fall.

I hope to stand tall until then.
In lines, I wait my turn.
At red lights, I endure traffic.
At turns I look all around.

Do more?

I do right.
By myself.
I do all right.