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HEAVEN #2002 The Sky Is Blue April 29, 2006

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HEAVEN #2002 The Sky Is Blue April 29, 2006

God said:

The way to love is love. The path to Me is love. There is no path away from Me. Coming closer is only a matter of your perception. I cannot come closer. I am deeply tender and immutable in your heart. There is no changing the Changeless. I am present in your heart's every beat.

Your perception is a different story. To you, I am only as near or far as you perceive Me to be. Your perception may go up and down, but My love and My presence are stable. There is no distance possible between your heart and Mine. There is not one heart without the other. There is only One, and yet We, the both of Us, make the One. Your unseeingness is the veil, an imaginary veil between you and Me. There is much between Us, beloveds, but nothing in between.

It is not exactly that Our love is for each other. It's just that Our love is, the way beauty is. It is not attached. It is already present.
In a sunrise, the beauty is not an add-on. It doesn't come separately. It is inherent. And there is no way to remove the beauty. Only, sometimes, there is a splinter in your eye. There is right now.

How tiny a splinter can be, and how much it can aggravate you nevertheless. It is easy to remove the splinter. All you have to do is to open your eyes and really look through them. Then you will find that the Seen and the One Who sees are the same. There are no imposters in this game of life. There is illusion, however, illusion within the illusion. Open your heart wide, and see through the vision of Our One heart.

In the process of life, you are removing illusion. Bit by bit, thread by thread, you are unmasking illusion. Illusion unmasked is no longer illusion. Beneath and beyond illusion lies Truth. The only Truth is the Oneness of Us. Our Oneness is named love. And, so, in the name of love We ARE.

This is the Holiness of Oneness. There is no other Holiness. There is no other Oneness. Our Oneness cannot be corrupted. It cannot rust. Only you can have a blind spot. Now you see it, and now you don't. What is hidden under a blanket has not disappeared. It has merely disappeared from view. Remove the blanket, and you will see. You will see what you have always known, no matter how you have disguised it.

All your rantings and ravings are a cover-up. Think of it, you would cover up love. Yet what a futile attempt that is. The most you can do is convince yourself of something that is not so. Your conviction is only your conviction. It is nothing more.

You can say the sky is green all you want. You can believe it. You can go to great lengths to prove it, as if green sky offered you something that blue sky does not. This is denial at its peak.. The fact is that the sky is blue, and you cannot change the color of the sky, only the crayons you use. You color in a green sky for no reason at all,

Your drawings can change. You can change your colors. What you can't
change is the Truth of the picture you are painting.

Copyright@ April 29, 2006

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