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listening to other people can be inspiring. i've heard four sentences on the street and made up this poem. creative part was the translation from polish to english

- tom -

back then the seconds were prodigiously pleasing
ouch the dance lasted for ages this was the moment first in my life
with her
i was dressed like this
played upon she her smile and thousand reasons to live
i saw part of god but not in myself like i used to
yet in her in this smile besides which nothing have existed
nothing more

and what was the song?
i can't recall because it was he who danced with her
not me
i stood aside
the most beautiful was the second song, and i run into the distance
far from my own smile from myself the most
the moment when you do not remember a thing and someone else is dancing
that is when your soul starts to laugh absolutely free
and exactly the freedom for hundred of years lasts
just like this day
the one and only and final

translating poems - ideas, concept and emotions is very hard for me because language changes many things

forgive the mistakes, and forgive the translation

Take care.

For five secounds close your eyes and smile...