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"Love, love me do."

When God created angels
He made them of Love.

No doubt they loved Him, as well.

But from what I hear about them,
These creatures of God's Love
Have no choice but to obey His Voice.

They're not like people,
Who can waver and doubt.

We can choose,
Decide for ourselves;
Bicker and fight,
Argue who's right.

We can pick whom to mate,
Or leave it to fate;

We can let others
Live our lives for us!

That's why we are human.
We are not machines.
And we're given a conscience
That compels us to right.

When we do good,
We feel good.

When we're wrong: we suffer.

I wonder at what mistakes
I might have made in my life;
To correct, not feel bad;
If I learn from the error.

And whom I've hurt,
Who I've helped.

No, I am no angel.
I'm glad I'm a man.

Exceedingly glad.

Trah Lah Lah.
La, La.

John Stefan Riccio