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True Freedom

My deepest gift to you

I've written a lot of stuff to you over the
past two and a half years, and it's been a very
fun time as we've talked about everything from
sleep, abundance, spirituality... and... the
little inconsequential experiences of my private
life which we've shared together.

But now it's time for me to come clean.

Because I've realized that I no longer want to
dip my feet in the ocean of love and giving to

I want to throw myself into it completely,
drown, and never return.

From the depths of my being I give this to you:

For the past month my team and I have been
working on putting together this web-site. It is
dedicated to your freedom.

Not some mind made "freedom" which society,
family, friends, and past conditioning may tell
you freedom is.

True freedom.

To the discovery that will dissolve all the
knots in your life, and set you free into the
field of love and abundance which is so available
for you. By 'doing' this, you silently give
others permission to shine as well. One by one
you begin to truly touch others.

I want to become a community
where we can both meet in the truth of who you
are. One by one, together we can help each other
step out of the cage of our minds and into

One by one.

Every-day, you battle with yourself. It has
cost you your life-force, and is the silent
source of every struggle in your life. First
this war needs to come to an end. This is the
essential cut.

Every war globally is simply the reflection and
manifestation of the war within ourselves. When
this comes to an end in you, there is that much
more space for love to pour back into the
world... then your life is simply an effortless
reflection and manifestation of that.

This is true effortless ........ "success" for
lack of a better word. And what a limited thing
the use of words are.

It is so much more than that. It's why you
have come here, it's why you were born. It is
your purpose.

So,the seeds are being cast in the wind, and
now you hold one in your hand.

Meet me there.

You Are Pristine Consciousness, Awake, And

I t's Time To Wake Up From Suffering, And Play
In The Field of Love and Abundance.

Kacper M. Postawski