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The truth about me?

Dear Friends I am from the “Silent Generation” and are others here. Have you heard of them much; born between the years of depression and WWII – “too young to be in the war, too old to be flower children.” Goggle it if you are interested in the names of various generations.

The reason I say this is to explain that until recently I was attuned to not voicing my thoughts much except in fiction. Add to this a lonely only child. Feeling sorry for me yet, don’t be, because I started writing plays in grammar school, became a syndicated journalist in my 40’s and a lot of people think that's great, and am still growing -- back into fiction. I request please, that if I blog anything that seems stupid please be kind, don’t say I’m stupid, just please point out why it seems stupid to you. This is how I learn to communicate to God’s family. Or just let it go if it seems like too much trouble. Boo Hoo.

The truth about me?

Dear Margaret
thanks for your posting

I am really looking forward to any of your writings - and I believe I am not the only one!

And I like fiction writing - I like doing myself -there is much truth in fiction.

and by the way my mother, too, was called <margarethe> nice name love it and live it!


You are no longer the silent generation, kid!

What a great post!

I can only imagine people naturally responding grandly to your messages. I mean, what possibly is there that you say that wouldn't bring out the best in everyone?

I think we're all here to create peace.

May it be so.