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Written by Maureen Moss copyright 2006

Dear God,

I begin this day to take responsibility for the exchange between my human nature and my Divine nature.

And I invite you, dear God to be my partner and my guide.
Help me to no longer live my life according to my mind and ego.
Help me dear God to hear your voice, through my heart
as the true voice of guidance.

I know that a part of me that no longer serves to make manifest my Divine nature must die off.

Help me to hold strong the courage, the deep faith and the trust necessary so that when I let go of all that seems familiar,
you dear God, that brought me here to Earth, will hold me steady.

Dear God on this day and all days, I take my human nature to the threshold of death.
I allow myself rebirth into the highest ex-pression of my Divine Nature so at long last I can experience peace that passes all mental understanding.

The time is now for renewal and restoration
I put my stake in the ground to establish the
foundation of my Divine Self.

I no longer give permission to my mind, my ego or anyone in the world external to hold me back from what has always been mine.

As I put my hand to my heart I remember
Beloved God, you are here.
Beloved God, I am here.
Beloved God we are here.
And together, all things are possible. Together.

And so it is that I take my rightful place in my Divine Nature.
I know that as we touch and meet inside of myself,
there is no power to separate us. No Power.

On this day, I begin the journey of a Master and you dear God are my partner.
I breathe a sigh of relief.
I AM indeed renewed.
And so it is. And so I let it be.