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Like it is.

So I say:

Let The Spirit move me,
Let It groove me;

Let it turn me inside out.

I turned My World
On her head, now;

Resuscitated it,
When they thought it was dead.

She breathed her life into My LUNGS,
Healed me of woe;

I gave the thanks that she deserved now;
I didn't curse a Soul.

Bought myself a mouthful of Words.
Spit them up by chance.

Where they landed, I don't know.
I ran as fast as I could.

I hid among the Indians,
Camped one week there, you know.

Scouted out alone for one month now.
Ah see in a year, where I'll go.

I'm not afraid to face my fears now
Having seen what I've seen.

They can't come more true
Than my dream was;

And that's My HOLY Truth.

John Stefan Riccio