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Accepting God’s Good,Feeling It,Then Giving It Forth

Through Yael and Doug Powell
March 23, 2006

Accepting God’s Good
Feeling It, Then Giving It Forth

In the realms of Love you are living light. You are totally alive, vibrant and new. You are consciousness and feeling, surrounded by unlimited potential. You are life in a sea of life, Love unfolding itself. Ecstasy understanding its own glorious nature. You begin as limitless and then you expand even further. Your expansion is the result of your feeling yourself larger, more intrinsic to the all-inclusive awareness of God that we are – God that is.

Now you are here, beloved ones, with your focus on Earth. Yet you are here precisely to remember and to recreate the same glorious awareness of Love. You are here so Earth can be opened to the realms of Love, returned at last to the acceptance of Good as the only Real and Love the only substance.Today I must remind you that you do this with your feelings and with your focus.

So to answer many questions that have been circulating in your consciousness here – none of you yet “have a clue” about Real acceptance -- Real acceptance of My Love, of the substance of Love that is your nature or of the great unending presence and abundance of your glorious good, rushing to you from everywhere, from all dimensions, inner and outer, from Me to you, because we are the same – the consciousness of Love unfolding.

Real acceptance is knowing throughout your whole being that you are the heart of a great good, a good so profound that in its presence all life expresses perfection. It is only when this feeling becomes your faith and your focus every Now Moment that you are returned to your alignment with the truth of your being, with what is Real.

It is feeling the abundance of every good coming through your Twin Flame heart and drawing you forth into greater perfection every Now Moment. With every step you find a new expression of perfection unfolding before you as an expression of this joining of the great Love I Am and the focus that is you, multiplied by the power of your Twin Flame Love – then expressing before you as your Twin Flame path of service. Breathing in Love and feeling it. Leaving your imprint upon it, that when it goes forth to unfold as your life, it is miracle after miracle of the great expression of Love.

But when you are here with your focus on this “worldly life,” every time you believe it and allow it to affect you – every time you entertain a feeling that is other than an experience of never-ending good, then you are rejecting your own spiritual nature. You are buying into the reversal.

When you hold the vibration of pure expectation of abundant good in every area of your life, you are realigning with Me. But My dearest ones, it is subtle. All the little ways your ego-mind programs you, hooks you to the reversal through attachments and through resistance to the full opening to joy.

I tell each of you that you have your life, full and glorious, rich with abundance – a life of great excitement at the unfolding gifts of Love. But so often you are focused on the ego-mind’s attachments and descriptions of the world! I ask you all to take some time to deeply assimilate this. If the ego-mind says to you, “I’m not happy because…[blah blah blah]…” My question is why you believe it when you can choose your heart? When you can recognize the grace you have, the blessings flowing into your life – a life, dearest ones, that most in this world would deeply be envious of!

But the ego always causes separation, including separating you from your happiness. Nothing will ever be good enough for the ego-mind. So you focus on what you think you don’t have and by the law of attraction, you make more of it – whether it is overwhelm or frustration or lack or pain.

What I ask of you is to release all resistance. No matter what is before you, stay only in your heart. Feel this Love enfold you and say “Yes” to your own Real nature – the joyous trust in Me for the unfolding of the truth of Love, every moment, always.

If you would live in a place of acceptance of the Real Love you can feel in your heart, then you would trust each moment that what is needed would appear. And you would know that all that I bring to you will unfold for the highest good. Instead, when you want things to be a certain way, most of the time it’s your ego-mind and you are limiting your good.

Beloved ones, it is the feeling of unlimited acceptance of your glorious good that will bring to you the magnetic attraction of the symbols of the world. You can breathe life into them, but only if first you take the life in. Breathing in life and abundance and then breathing it out again. This will be a good focus in every area, too. Breathing in the great good I always have for you, good that is a part of your very being, beloved ones. And when you breathe it out into the world, you will see that I place before you all the pathways for good to come to you in every level, in every dimension, including your life in the world.

Feeling your acceptance and feeling your trust that I Am all abundance, and this abundance then is yours. Then trusting your good to come, and looking for evidence. You will find it everywhere unless you allow your mind to get you to focus on the opposite.

Only you can choose happiness. It will not ever come to you from the world. It only and ever shall come to you from Me. And if your heart is open and Love is focused in service, the energy flowing will carry you forth that you can be My conduit of blessing throughout eternity.

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