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HEAVEN #1965 All the Love in Your Heart March 23, 2006

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HEAVEN #1965 All the Love in Your Heart March 23, 2006

God said:

Your heart needs nothing added to it. It needs strictures taken away. Vines of thoughts have crept up in your heart, winding themselves around, slowing down the natural pace of love in your heart. Your heart is meant to be beautiful, and it is destined to give and receive the great beauty and love that poets have written about.

Your heart is not meant to be old. It is meant to be young. If only you would leave your heart alone. No longer command it to do your bidding.
Instead, do the bidding of your heart. Leave your heart alone, and let it get back to love.

Your heart was never meant to be the stooge of your mind. You fear being a fool, and foolishly, you guard your heart from its very nature. You would prettify your heart and only let it out on certain occasions. You would let it go only so far. You would chaperone it, make it leave the dance early. Beloveds, your heart is to stay out all night and all day, dancing
all the while. There is to be nothing elusive about your heart.

A heart of love needs no rest from itself. The judgment of the mind wears it out, however, and your beautiful beating heart feels a need to recoup that which it was never meant to be absent from in the first place.
You may feel that you have lost love. But, of course, love is never lost. It is just hidden away somewhere in a corner. You have chained it there, in a secluded corner of your heart, as if the love in your heart were a wild animal panting from a fear that your squinty-eyed mind planted there.

Your mind has decided to save your heart from itself. It has decided to keep it safe, which is to say unhappy. A heart guarded is not happy. A heart has to be free to love. Your natural heart is in no danger. It cannot be devoured. The danger is the trap you have ensnared your heart with. Being restrained is the only danger to your heart. Letting your heart love everywhere is the only safeguard to it.

It is not that your heart has to win a race. It just has to be allowed to run in it. Love does not count nor does it time itself. Love just has to lope unfettered. Love is not to be caught. It is to be freed. Your heart is to free other hearts, let them loose, let them gallop away even. No heart is to be captured. Hearts do not capture other hearts. They free them
from the bounds that have been set on them.

Free yourself from the idea of obligation to love as well as from restraint to love, and you will feel the flow of love in your heart more. When you let your heart alone from your advice, it will only love. It needs no taming. It needs freeing.

Let your heart be a mustang that roams the range. Other hearts will follow it. The pace of love will be so great that all other hearts will fly.
Hearts will become kites that rise until they reach the state of Heaven and become stars shining.

Stop giving your heart instructions. It needs no orders from you. It needs your blessings to be what it is, a simple heart that is simply allowed to love for all it is worth. Never is there an occasion not to love.

Copyright@ 3-23-06

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