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the Guardians

Message From The Guardians:

Through Laura

March 18, 2006

Instantaneous Evolution

Blessings one and all...

We come to you in the spirit of light and joy, bringing you our love and appreciation in a most warm and powerful way. We connect directly to your hearts today and do not travel through your minds. So if you feel you must think your way through this message..."forget about it" [Laughter]

We ask you to simply feel your way through it and leave your old patterns of rationalization and thinking behind you. The time has passed for being locked up and bound by the limited parameters of your human brain. It is time for a deep and profound expansion into the boundless dimensions of your Heart of Hearts. It is here that you will find the truly limitless multidimensional you. Your God self, your true beingness.

It may at first feel slightly daunting to experience yourself as a limitless being without any boundaries at all. Relax dear ones "you will get used to it" [Laughter] You are beginning to experience yourself as you really are and not how you thought yourself to be. It will take some practice to navigate your restricted 3D planet in your renewed limitless form. The wondrous benefits are all more than worth the effort.

The enhanced perspective that this will bring to all of your lives will be nothing short of miraculous, from your point of view. Prepare yourselves, miracles are about to happen in so many ways that you might actually start to believe "you have died and gone to heaven". [Laughter]

In essence dear ones you will have. These new awareness's will so change your current view of yourself and everything around you that in a very real way you will have travelled to a whole new world, a new existence that the old will seem like a mere shadow of your new perception and understanding.

Many believe that this dramatic, dynamic shift is a long way off and are depressed with the seemingly endless waiting for it to arrive. We tell you that it is so near now we can "almost taste it". [Laughter]

This dramatic acceleration to new heights of vibration will slide into your world, your dimension, before the end of your next year 2007 (9). It will be both the most profound and subtle vibrational evolution you have ever experienced. Many expect to wake up one morning and find that while they slept their world dramatically changed over night... and it will. The cosmic joke is your ability to perceive this dramatic shift will be, to some extent, limited because in that moment you will be full immersed in that new energy, in that new higher vibration.

Everything will change in the "NOW" moment. The past, the present and the future as you refer to them. So you see, dear ones, there will be little to compare the changes with as EVERYTHING will change at once and you will have very few sign posts or points of reference to compare it to in order for your human brains to comprehend through comparison. There will be no then and now, no that is the way it used to be and this is the way it is now. Your entire dimensionality of past, present and future will shift in unison and instantaneously, so you see dear ones how will you know anything has changed at all?

As you say there is the "rub". We have already given you the answer to this question in this message and many more before it. Can you guess what it is?

Dear ones, "You will feel it in your Heart of Hearts!"

You will know it with absolute certainty in every cell of your body. You will be in possession of the greatest certainty you have ever felt and that your human brain could never even come close to providing for you. This is why it is so important, so fundamental to truly connect to your Heart of Hearts now and from this moment forward.

There are those who will not make this connection to a great enough extent to truly perceive this grand leap in its' entirety and they are no less honoured or loved. They are simply moving through their own chosen evolutionary cycle and will proceed at their own pace. Do not fear for them or get caught up in what will happen to them. They will travel through their own process in there own way as you have. Concern yourself with your own choices, your own process. You are ALL individualized aspects of God and fully capable of creating your own reality in the way you best see fit.

Remember dear ones, "all is not as it seems" and there is so much happening at this time that you are currently unable to perceive. This is further aggravated by the fact that you are beginning to be able to perceive small bits and pieces of the picture. Sometimes you greatly misinterpret things because you are unable to see the whole picture at once and gain the proper prospective. Fear not dear ones, all is proceeding in its proper order and in divine perfection. Hold love and truth in your hearts and walk boldly forward, the best is yet to come.

Your dream, your goal may seem far away in your time but we tell you it will be here in the blink of an eye and you will be filled with a joy and understanding you have never experience here on Earth. Even the peoples you admire so much from your past the Lemurians and the Atlanteans never experienced the complete and balanced total connection to "All That Is" that you are about to move into.

Rejoice, dear ones, it will be HERE on your Earth before you know it and radiate through all of your past and travel forward through your future. This concept is impossible to fully comprehend in your linear timeline perspective, so we must simply ask you to go into your Heart of Hearts and fell the truth of it.

It brings us the highest joy to be with you on this day of your time and all of you numerologists can look at the date and get some further insights into our message.

We hold you lovingly in our Heart of Hearts and ask you to do the same for each other.

Blessings one and all...

The Guardians

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