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Take That Chance, My Soul

Take that chance, my soul
If you would dare
For creation is fashioned by a power far greater than time
And yours is a divinely sown seed
That has no beginning and carries no end
Your image, my soul, is a reflection of extended vision
Your self, a portrait of the greater whole
If that image would grow into a flower abloom
Will you take part?
If that self would sing with the night and dance with the noon
Will also your heart?
Release yourself now, my soul
Free yourself to bathe in life's very moment
For without this moment
This untamed, ever-changing moment
Life becomes a death
And eternity a word limited to a world of small and feeble dreams
And certainly your dreams are far too vast
Far too encompassing
To be contained by this or any other world
Take that chance, my soul
If you would dare

michael mayer