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Moving Forward is to Return

We've all experienced error in life
Actions or words
Either perpetrated or performed
Against us or by us
Seemingly demonstrating or verifying
What we would call, inexcusable behavior or inherent distrust
Yet upon further review
As we see farther, deeper, with the greatest of view
The only thing in life, Inherent
Inexcusable in the sense that it cannot be excused
That it's not something that can be cast off
That's it's not something we can lose
Is Love
For love holds us not, anymore than it can be held
To distrust
Or any other kind of fuss
In which was previously viewed

Of our "mistakes"
Mis-takes, if you will
Are best when learned from but not kept
They're like scenes in a film that are taped but then erased
Because they don't fit with the intended, overall flow
Or after they've shown us a better way to go
And so it is with all
As we go along in life
We stub our toes
We run over the bumps in the road
And yet if we go a little more slow
Than perhaps might be our usual flow
We will hit a little less hard
Each time we move into our next time
Each time we move out of our next time
So we can come to Know
That it's not so much where we've been
But where we go
Or, rather, How we go
That either keeps us on a similar bumpy road
Or that leads us back
To the "Return"
Of Who We Are

As far as judgment goes
The correct use of judgment
Isn't to stay in judgment
The right use of this
The right useness
The righteousness
Of true judgment is to see correctly
With the truest of sight
To bring to the light
The very darkness of night
So that we can set it all
So that we can set them all
To come to truth
Through coming from truth
And truth is nothing lest it envelopes and involves, All

What is Truth?
This Love inviolate?
This Harmlessness unharmed?
This Peace unaffected and unalarmed?
It is perfect Beingness wrapped in its own loving arms
Everything else, as it has been said, is "just so much traffic noise" *
And that's just what we do when we feel as void
We fuss and fight
We search for our delight
All because of some fright
That we are not who we are, Our Light
That we can fall into or stay
In the night of some plight
That we need be saved
That we need at all
Instead of abundantly knowing
Our richness unscathed

In the quiet of delight
We reverse our field
Moving forward
We lower our shield
That previously was used to protect us from harm
We yield
To our greater goal
That focuses on peace in our heart
Which then creates safety in the world

For how can we expect for our fear to be gone?
When we still believe that
In fact
Our trip is to be long
Before we can arrive
Before we allow for the "other" to arrive
At the harmless nature of their souls peaceful song
This is our Truth
Oh beautiful, inherent treasure and worth
Our spiritual gold

With nowhere to go
In order for this to be as so
We sew
Perfect love
We "return"
To where, to whom, we always were