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Just for clarification. This isn't my idea! This is Russ Michael's, and he
has approached a publisher on Heaven's behalf.

Naturally, I love the idea! And I sure thank you for your support, dear

With love and blessings,


P.S. By the way, there is a Godwriting workshop coming up in Fairfield --
will you come?

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I like this opportunity you have immensly. You go,


--- Gloria Wendroff
<TheHeavenLetters [at] heavenletters [dot] org> wrote:



I have the idea that every Heavenletter should be
printed in hardback and made available to everyone
in the world. You had no idea I was doing this, but
I have been advocating that my publisher - a leading
publisher in the spiritual field -- publish a series
of Heavenletter books.

Here's some of what I wrote to my publisher:

"Each Heavenletter is filled with a wisdom and
knowledge that a reader knows can come only from a
Mind like the Mind of God--and each is filled
with heart and most delightful poetic metaphors that
stir both the
depths and heights of mind and soul.

"The messages in HeavenLetters are the same kind of
mentoring we will be getting from our space sisters
and brothers
as soon as they arrive. Heavenletters open both
heart and mind like no
other body of work I have seen -- and like you, I
have seen and read a lot!!

"I am using a synthesis of material for my new book,
Soulmates & Twin Rays, from a dozen very high
caliber channels and telepaths---- at least ten
HeavenLetters in their entirety firm up the
pertinent points I've made in various chapters.

"A hardback book of Heavenletters can get a good
public pre-launch
headstart via the publication of Soulmates & Twin
Rays, as the Heavenletter material SPEAKS FOR ITSELF
and will be enthralling to my book readers."

Gloria, expect a call from my publisher soon!

May there be a constant ongoing STREAM of a BOOK
SERIES of Heavenletters. I want to see a good
million -- in fact --several million --
HeavenLetter readers soon!!!!!!!

Much, much love from my heart and soul... I AM

Age-Reversal [at] aon [dot] at

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

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