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4 those who might be interested > UPDATED

"A Message From Our Future"
4 those who might be interested in defining the changes that are taking
place within themselves, & the Planet Earth, and a message of what our Future will be like ...

Book 1 : "Bashar" - Channeled Material - Read this book first ---

Book 2 : "ZetaTalk" Channeled Material - Read Second ...

"Click-On" the 2 Web sites below ... John

Channeled Books: from any number of dimensional realities. We all channel.

There are many many beautifully channeled books, by many beautiful authors,
and then there are some that are not very beautiful, clear, loving, simple to read,
and a little bit self-destructive - self-centered i.e., {on the dark side - a negative channel}, and this is perfectly 'Valid' if this is the experience you need, but they all are saying 'pretty much' but not always; the same thing, in many new, different,
and beautiful ways, - to many ways & books for me to list here, but one day I will get them all together when I can, and give you a list ...

All of these books have a different frequency, a different vibration, they all
radiate a different atmosphere, depending on where your at, i.e., (your frequency}, some of them will come to you like a magnet - the two books above are at a certain frequency, a certain vibration {not necessarily mine}, but I put them there for those of you who might be on the same wavelength - they are not there for you to buy, only if you feel attracted to them, - there are many levels; and the two books above have their own level, and might do more harm then good "for some of you" ,- if you do not feel attracted to the books above, them leave
them be ... John