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Dearest Gloria,
That is good!!!  I have been thinkink about translating your books for a acouple of mounths, actually....And I will do this with such a great pleasure. So the words of GOD can reach more and more people....Here in Turkiye, people like that kind of books. For example "Conversations with God" was bestseller here as well.
At the moment I want to catch the daily calendar of Heavenletters. Since my translations are coming from nearly 2 weeks behind...After 15 th March I will have more time, so I can make more than 2 translations daily and reach the daily order.
Then we will see...
About mailing things...Yes I can understand, since I am very very bad at mailing things tooooooo!!!!!...  Packing, writing the adress, going to the post office ...Puhhh...And you are very very bussy..So pls do not worry about my parcel!!!
You can be bussy with your priorities....
PS: If you receive this message can you let me know...
Yours and HIS
Beloved Engin,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
That would be fabulous!
I actually have sitting here a book and CD to send you. They’ve been sitting here since Christmas! I am so bad about mailing things. I don’t know what it is.  
God bless you, beautiful soul.

Love, Gloria

Dear Gloria,


I think...If you wish, in some future, maybe I can translate your books with pleasure and we can publish them here....




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