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Two spirituell "messages"

Dear Margaret,
Obviously you are responding to something posted. I don’t know what. You are quite right that this forum isn’t a place for anyone to lambast attorneys. This forum isn’t the place to lambaste anyone or anything! This isn’t the place for negativity at all!
If negativity appears on our forum, I think the best thing to do is to let it drop rather than bringing attention to it (as I am doing!).
I do want to say, dear one, that I think jokes better belong somewhere else than this forum. They’re a dime a dozen. Even the ones that are truly funny don’t seem to leave a good feeling. That’s my experience anyway.
Blessings and love,
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Namaste'.THank you for the opportunity to say that it isn't fair to lambast attorneys all the time because the attorney is often your only defender and friend. The judicial system's kindest champion for you is your attorney. Let's point the light where it belongs, to the judges. (We Love jokes, though. Got any judge jokes?).

The Creators' Blessings to you,
Margaret, Moderator

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