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Message from Siva Baba

I have come to give the human race a new and powerful mind. There are three impurities in the human mind. The concept of "I" limits you and tells you that you are the average Joe. The reality is that you are God. You have to move from the small "I" to the Capital "I".

The second impurity is karma. Karma is limiting thoughts and actions coming from many lifetimes. Liberate yourself from poverty and other unpleasant realities. This is known as karma removal.

The third impurity is maya, which is the illusion created by senses. The way out is to go beyond sensory perceptions. There are mantras - special sounds - to correct different problems in life. All of my meditations use mantras.

* At no time are you a victim to circumstances.
* Every moment is new and you can change your life momentarily.
* Do not wait. Waiting is a waste of time.
* Knowledge is bondage. Do not read too much. Do meditation instead.
* Realize that you are God.
* Love one another unconditionally. You will be enlightened.